Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Safe in Aqua Dulce

Talked with Ben tonight and he sounded great and full of energy after a couple of days of rest at Aqua Dulce, a subdivision of Santa Clarita. They are resting at a big hiker hostel, where lots of PCT hikers are resting. The trip from Wrightwood has been very scenic, but very hot at times. They walked through the desert last week and temperatures topped 105 degrees. Ben said they generally find some shade and relax during that time and have also done a couple of night hikes, which are spectacular in the desert.

During their rest stop, they headed for REI to get more hiking shoes. He said they "blew their shoes out in just 400 miles." They are currently at the 454 mile post and heading for the Mojave desert. Ben believes this will be a difficult stretch because of the heat of the desert. But once they cross the desert, go through Lake Isabella and arrive at Kennedy Meadows General Store (Inyokern, CA), it will be a drastic change in scenery as they start to ascend the Sierras. Elevations could go as high as 12,000 to 13,000 feet.

Ben says they are feeling good, getting stronger and picking up speed, and covering about 100 miles per week. Here's the next big mail/supply drop, they expect to be there in about two weeks (June 6th).

Ben & Rosie Cubbage
Kennedy Meadows General Store
P.O. Box 3A-5
Inyokern, CA 93527

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