Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We heard from Rosie today as they were getting ready to leave Hesperia, California. They spent a couple of nights there with Doreen, Rosie's old boss. Doreen treated them to a "night on the town" driving her red Corvette around Los Angeles. Rosie and Ben did have a chance to hook up with cousin Christina last night in Hollywood.

In the last few days, since they left Big Bear Lake, they have covered about 40 miles through Poligue Canyon Road, Lower Larga Flat to Bacon Flats Road and then on to Hesperia. They were treated to a stop at Deep Creek Hot Springs where they soaked and enjoyed the view. Later on the trail they came to Mojave River Forks Reservoir Dam. From that point they hitched a ride into Hesperia to meet up with Doreen.

If you are following them on the map, they are at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Hwy 395, north of Los Angeles. The trail actually starts to head west toward Silverwood Lake. When they hit the entrance to Silverwood Lake State Park, they will be at the 331 mile marker. After that, they will continue to head west toward Wrightwood.

Rosie said she and Ben feel great and are moving along at a pretty comfortable pace. Right now they are at about 3500 ft. elevation and will peak at about 4200 ft. in the next couple of days.

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c.c. nevada said...

It's Saturday night, I'm getting ready to go out and I get a call from Rosie and she says,
"um, I'm on Santa Monica Blvd. Where are you?"
they came right over, met a couple of my friends and we caught up. It was such a great surprise.
I got to ask all the questions i had about the trail, and am so glad to see how healthy and happy they are.
It was also really good to spend time with Ben, getting to know him, because I never had more than 5 minutes to do that at the wedding.
Hopefully I can take a little trip to where they are this weekend and hike a little of the trail with them.
Just thought I would catch everyone up on our visit, I'm so glad I was still at home when they called!