Monday, June 9, 2008

Heading Toward the Sierras

Ben, Rosie and several PCT thru-hikers celebrate the 500 mile mark a few days before they hit Tehachapi.

We heard from Ben and Rosie yesterday after they finished a break at Lake Isabella, CA. Rosie reports that they are both in good shape but that the weather has been a lot colder since they left the desert. They had to hitchike 40 miles off the trail and head west on Route 178 toward Lake Isabella. They said the Lake is awesome and it was a nice break before they head north to the base of the Sierras. Next stop will be Kennedy Meadows, the last stop before they start to climb up the southern tip of the Sierras. They will be up in altitudes as high as 13,000 feet and will also scale Mt. Whitney, the highest point in north America. Many thru-hikers "wait the snow out" at Kennedy Meadows, hoping for some snow melt so the trail is easier to see. Most experience hikers, don't head into the Sierras until after the 15th of June so Rosie and Ben are right on schedule. The expect to arrive at Kennedy Meadows at the end of this week.

Their next mail stop is Bishop, California. If you are planning to send them something, it should be there by June 20th. Mail your cards, letters or packages to:

Ben & Rosie Cubbage

PCT Thru-Hikers

c/o General Delivery

Bishop, CA 93514

We also received a lot of pictures from them and will post them up in the next few days, so check the blog again in a couple of days.

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Amy said...

Looks everybody is happy...I remember my group every time we had a nice adventure we are full of energy and laughing trip...:D